Asilomar 2022 35th Annual Asilomar Conference 
The Weekend Of February 18 - 21, 2022

Where is Asilomar? The beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds was designed in the Arts & Crafts style by architect Julia Morgan and is located near Monterey, California. We have held our conference there for the past 33 years. For more see the Wiki.

We will be open for reservations soon, Watch your email for notification.

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If western culture is shown to be rich it is because… It has tried to dissolve harmful simplifications through inquiry and the critical mind.”    – Umberto Eco

We had a slate of extraordinary speakers representing a broad range of disciplines and pursuits. As always, we look forward not only to sharing a mental workout but also to the privilege of renewing old friendships and beginning new ones – all in a location of exceptional peace and beauty.  Thank you for joining us in what was a lively and exhilarating exchange. 

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Thank you for joining us at the annual PBKNCA Asilomar Conference.

In the spirit of a “love of learning as the guide of life”, we hope to welcome you back next year, and to future events.   Safe travels!

There is a $125 registration fee per person which goes mainly to our Scholarship fund. Lodging and meals are charged separately by Asilomar. Please wait for instructions, which will be sent to you after you register. The per person total below is based on a 3-night stay beginning on Friday, February 18th and includes 3 meals per day and ALL applicable fees & taxes. Meals inclusive begins with dinner on arrival day and ends with lunch on departure day.

Single Occupancy: $910.82??
Double Occupancy: $1290.10 or $645.05 per person
Editor's note: This is a bargain. We have checked numerous other venues, and could find nothing comparable.

If you have questions on the program, please contact  For registration matters, please contact Barry Haskell at

Deirdre Frontczak, Asilomar Chair

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