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Teaching Excellence Awardees

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Phi Beta Kappa takes teaching very seriously. That is why the Northern California Association makes annual Teaching Excellence Awards to up to five outstanding teachers who are faculty members at one of the eight Northern California universities and colleges that harbor PBK chapters. 

These awards are conferred to honor those who have been outstanding teachers and mentors in the opinion of members of ΦBKNCA. They are those who have taught an especially memorable course, or who have had a special impact on the education, career, life, or who have been found inspiring or particularly admirable by a ΦBKNCA member.

From 1989 to 2021 we have honored 168 excellent teachers!

Each awardee receives a handsome certificate, invitation to the Annual Awards Dinner, and a modest honorarium ($1000 in recent years). Even those worthy nominees who do not receive awards are almost always delighted to have been nominated.

Any member of ΦBK may make nominations; the nominee need not be. Please note that eligibility for the award is limited to faculty members at the Northern California schools housing Phi Beta Kappa Chapters (see this page). All Phi Beta Kappa members are cordially invited to submit nominations; the online nomination form is available here, A printable form can be obtained at ExcellenceInTeachingAwardNomination.pdf but we prefer that you use the electronic form. The printed form may be published in the September issue of the Newsletter. More information can be obtained from the Teaching Excellence Chair.

How do I nominate a Teacher?

An online Nomination Form is available and a hardcopy version is available ExcellenceInTeachingAwardNomination.pdf (but we prefer the online version). Applications are due January 22, but make them now while memory is fresh! A nomination consists of a filled-out form, plus an account of why you think a nominee deserves recognition as an outstanding teacher.

What schools are included?

All faculty members at the eight Phi Beta Kappa institutions  - Mills College, San Francisco State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, or University of the Pacific will be eligible.

(See The Awardees)

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