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ΦΒΚ at Asilomar February 17-20, 2023

Deadline for Reservations: December 10, 2022
Registration fee: # Attending _______ x $125/person = $__________
Check payable to PBKNCA. Enter “Asilomar” on check
Mail to: Barry Haskell, 1190 Fairbrook Dr., Mountain View, CA 94040
Questions? Call Deirdre Frontczak at 707 546-4238
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Member PBK Alma Mater:
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Member Email (essential!)

Vaccination, booster and mask may be required, but may be changed as needed later

See our Policy for Attendee safety at PBKNCA events.

I confirm I and any guests are or will be fully vaccinated and have boosters.

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Is this the first time you have attended our Asilomar Conference?
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