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ΦΒΚ at Asilomar February 18-21, 2022

Deadline for Reservations: December 10, 2021
Registration fee: # Attending _______ x $125/person = $__________
Check payable to PBKNCA. Enter “Asilomar” on check
Mail to: Barry Haskell, 1190 Fairbrook Dr., Mountain View, CA 94040
Questions? Call Deirdre Frontczak at 707 546-4238
Member Name(s):
Member PBK Alma Mater:
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Member Phone #(s): 
Member Email (essential!)

PBKNCA requires full vaccination and masks for members and guests to attend. Asilomar, like other venues, may also require it in order to stay at the site.

Is this the first time you have attended our Asilomar Conference?
Where initiated to ΦBK (For your name tag)
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