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If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact Pat Kenber 

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I am an existing member, so why does the system says I'm new? Contact to determine what email address you are currently using in our records.

Why do I get two emails requesting payment? We may have two email addresses for you. See above, these are related.

Why do I still get a request for dues after I have paid?

Please check to see if the payment might have been sent to the Phi Beta Kappa Society in Washington DC instead of us. They send out many solicitations for donations and several members recently have thought they were paying for membership in Phi Beta Kappa Northern California when they were making a donation to national PBK. Please also check the amount you paid. Our dues start at $30 whilst national PBK’s suggested donations start at $44.

You are a member of national PBK for life even if you never make another donation. PBKNCA charges annual dues to raise money to provide scholarships to young Phi Betes pursuing graduate degrees. We are volunteer run so most of the dues our members pay goes to our scholarship and endowment funds. This year, thanks to the dues and donations from our members we expect to give out 12 scholarships worth $10,000 each. In return for paying dues PBKNCA members get to participate in events like the ones described in the email you received.

I paid dues in the middle of last year, and in January I started getting requests for dues again. I thought dues were for a year.

All memberships are for the current year and will go through December 31 no matter when you paid. However, the Automatically Renewing Annual Membership gives you the full year from your payment date and requires no further action on your part once you set it up.

Incidentally, the $0.01 that is added to your payment is an artifact of the system to allow you to pay any amount you wish, but preferably no less that $10.00.

Automatically Renewing Annual Membership

Membership and contributions can be paid automatically

This is not an addon to membership, nor is it a one-cent membership. It is the same as the Regular Membership except that once you set it up, your payment will be made automatically each year on your payment anniversary without your intervention. You do not need to select Regular Membership in addition to this option. You will have all the privileges of Regular Membership without receiving those annoying “Re-Join emails and having to make the payment manually.

If you wish to contribute to the Scholarship Fund, simply set the payment to the total of $30 dues plus your scholarship contribution. For example, setting the amount to $100 will pay for your dues and a $70 contribution to the Scholarship Fund each year. Other funds are not available through this membership item, but you can go to Donations to contribute to the Teaching Excellence, Endowment or General Funds; or to contribute more to the Scholarship Fund. Due to a glitch in the system, $0.01 (a penny) will be added to your payment.

Emails will be automatically sent to members when their credit card is 2 weeks from expiry, and when the card actually expires.

Stopping payment

Members who pay for their membership by credit card can stop recurring payments from their Wild Apricot member profile page at To do so, they would click the Invoices and payments tab in their profile then click Stop recurring payments button beside the membership renewal transaction.

Members who pay for their membership using a PayPal account can stop recurring payments from their PayPal account by canceling the subscription. To cancel the subscription, they: Log in to their PayPal account, Click Profile near the top of the page, Click My money, Click Update in the My preapproved payments section, Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.

I signed up for an event but can't or didn't go. What do I do? Can I get a refund?

If you register, then later decide not to attend this event, there may be others on the waiting list who will be able to take your place, so please cancel (click HERE, or on "Already registered" if you are on the event page) or by contacting O'Neil Dillon.

If it is the day of the event, call him at 510-207-8761. Simply not paying or not replying prevents us from allowing someone else to attend. No-shows do NOT receive a refund!

If you are on the waitlist and wish to be removed without being registered, please contact  O'Neil Dillon.

I have a credit balance with PBKNCA. Can I use it to pay for an event?

Yes. Next time that you sign up for an event do not pay online. At the "Review and confirm screen, select "INVOICE ME", then come to this FAQ Page (under Home) to log into your member profile

Click on your Invoices and Payments tab

You will see a record of all your invoices. There should be a Settle button by any one that’s unpaid.

Click on Settle and it will ask you how much of the balance should be applied. If the balance is less than the amount outstanding it will allow you to use a credit card to pay the rest.

If you prefer, you can donate the balance to PBKNCA. Contact Pat Kenber for assistance.

Association? Chapter? What's the difference?

Phi Beta Kappa operates on three levels

The National Society in Washington DC, which is the umbrella organization; this is what you join when you are elected in college.

The Chapters - such as at your college which is composed of the PBK faculty of your college and which determined your worthiness to be initiated to Phi Beta Kappa.

The Associations, such as the Northern California Association (that's us), which are "local" organizations of Phi Betes who join together for various purposes, such as awarding scholarships, honoring excellence in teaching, and providing educational and social activities for its members.

We send emails or letters asking you to join our Association to help support our awards - this is the only way we can make contact with Phi Betes in California.

We would like to have you join us. We have many activities in the Bay area described on our website, and in the newsletter we send four times a year to members. We have an annual event at Asilomar on Presidents' weekend. We also make awards to outstanding graduate students (Scholarship Awards) and to excellent teachers nominated by their students (Teaching Excellence Awards).

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