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2021 Laureates

Courtney Lehmann, Ph.D.; Dept. of English, Director of the Powell Scholars Program, University of the Pacific; PBK University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 1989 (Hasenkamp Award

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Dr. Courtney Lehmann goes above and beyond to provide the most holistic and meaningful education to each of her students. She is the Director of the Powell Scholars Program, the University of the Pacific's highest academic merit scholarship that funds tuition, independent research, and study abroad opportunities. The program's goal is to cultivate leaders and global thinkers to make a difference in our communities, and Dr. Lehmann runs the club with fortitude and optimism. She is absolutely dedicated to developing students as moral human beings who strive to make the world a better place. For example, in my class, she helped facilitate an SAT tutoring initiative for disadvantaged kids in the Stockton community to help equalize opportunity despite socioeconomic status. In our thinking as students, she continues to push students to actualize our goals fully. Everything that she does contributes to an environment where students truly feel as though they can realize their full potential. For this, I deeply thank Dr. Lehmann for her incredible academic achievements and the knack she has for drawing out of each of her students.

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Dr. Lehmann is a dynamic professor who seeks to create pathways from the authors she teaches (e.g., Shakespeare) to her students. She employs many creative tools to achieve this, such as role-play, drawing, and letter-writing. She encourages her students to participate interactively, and this makes them feel personally invested in the coursework. In other words, Dr. Lehmann’s students are participants in the classroom, not merely spectators. She encourages her students to imagine themselves in the characters’ situation within the literature they are studying. This fosters curiosity and empathy, expanding their vision of the world and helping them relate better to others. She promotes a learning environment based on mutual trust, whereby each student is encouraged to express their own unique voice. By removing obstacles and barriers between authors and readers, Dr. Lehmann enables her students to experience meaningful connections to their studies. Because those connections are unique to each individual, they become experiences that will likely last a lifetime.

In keeping with its mission, Dr. Lehmann strives to make the University of the Pacific a close-knit scholarly community that fosters individualized learning. She isn’t cynical or apathetic; she genuinely believes that teaching can positively impact the world. She sincerely cares about all of her students and about the topics that she teaches. Dr. Lehmann prioritizes equal opportunity within the classroom, as demonstrated by her unwavering support of minority students. She also trains her honors scholars to assist economically disadvantaged high school students in the local area.

Lehmann is an interdisciplinary scholar with a broad range of interests. Her students no doubt benefit greatly from this. Additionally, her experiences as a successful student-athlete supplied her with a foundation centered on optimum individual performance within a team setting. She teaches students how to strive for their goals while also supporting their classmates.

Lehmann is aware of the importance of work-life balance and self-care, which has been especially vital during the pandemic since her students were isolated at home. Indeed, she has actively encouraged each of her students to practice self-care so that growth and learning are sustainable for them. She also practices what she preaches, aiming to be a living example of the ideals that she embodies.

Paul Graham Fisher M.D.; Dept. of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Chief of the Division of Child Neurology, Stanford University

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Out of all the teachers I had at Stanford over my four years there, I cannot think of a more deserving instructor for this award than Dr. Paul Fisher. He cares deeply about his students, inspires them to be better students and more thoughtful people, and facilitates critical thinking in the classroom. I was never officially Paul’s mentee, but he always made time to meet with me and check in on how I was doing. He would tell me that the path to medicine is a marathon, not a race, and in order to be a good doctor in the future, I needed to take the time to explore my diverse interests and put myself out of my comfort zone. Largely thanks to his encouragement and reassurance...I am currently pursuing a master’s in bioinformatics at Imperial College London under a Fulbright Scholarship. Paul always facilitated critical, analytical, and creative thinking in the classroom.... Paul not only taught the basics of epidemiology, but he also taught us how to process and communicate what we learned in the context of the real world.

William Swagerty, Ph.D.; Dept. of History, Director of the John Muir Center, University of the Pacific

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Dr. Swagerty is the archetype of a dedicated and passionate teacher… it is so clear how much he genuinely cares about his students. Here, [at the University of the Pacific] students…feel part of a network, with educators truly dedicated to our success. Dr. Swagerty is a perfect example of such an educator. I have taken three classes with him; John Muir's World, Historical Imagination, and Native American History. In every class, it is clear how extensively he knows every single element of every topic he teaches about. One can see his love of the field. As my advisor, Dr. Swagerty constantly believed in me and gave me the confidence to achieve. Without Dr. Swagerty's constant encouragement, I don't know if I would have had the confidence to present a paper of mine. For his dedication to his students and passion for the subject, I believe Dr. Swagerty deserves recognition for his outstanding teaching.

David Cohen, Ph.D.; Dept. of Classics, Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Stanford University

David is everything I aspire to be. He is a paragon of interdisciplinary thinking, and he is driven by the desire to create opportunities for his students and colleagues. I am now motivated by the hope of using, and one day being able to pass on, all the knowledge and support he has given me. In addition to teaching in Classics, David leads several important judiciary reform projects in countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and Ethiopia. Whether in Jakarta, on campus, or over the phone, he has always made himself available to hear my ideas and push me to think more creatively, using his wealth of concrete factual knowledge about the Tokyo Trial, on which he wrote the premier scholarly work, and several different moral and philosophical frameworks gained only through his fieldwork in Timor-Leste, Sierra Leone, and the many other transitional justice forums of which he has been a part. David is a true example of teaching excellence. Without a doubt, he is the most impactful faculty member that I have met at Stanford.

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